A guide to the Domain WHOIS system

Domain WHOIS system

Even if you are not a website owner, you have probably heard about the Domain WHOIS system. This system was designed to help individuals and organizations to get public information about specific domain names. So, there is more than one way why this system may be useful to the public. In this article, we will analyze some of the things that you can do with the domain WHOIS system.

For starters, in case you have found a name for your website, but someone already owns that domain name, the WHOIS system will help you figure out who owns that domain name at the moment. There are many different situations related to this situation. For instance, in some cases, corporations or ordinary companies own the domain name you are interested in. In other cases, the domain name can be owned by an individual. There is a chance that the individual who owns that domain name is interested in selling it to you. Simply use the information that you have thanks to the WHOIS system to get in touch with them.

Furthermore, it’s also possible to utilize this system to find out whether the domain you find interesting is available and without an owner at the moment. There are situations when the domain name is deleted. This means that you can buy it without any problems. Remember that this information is available to the public and you can get the most by comparing it to the information you get from auction websites and registrars.

There is no doubt that this system is useful, but many people who want to own a website are concerned about their anonymity. They simply don’t want their personal information to be shared. For example, some of them want to avoid stalkers while others don’t want to be bombarded with emails sent by spammers.

In situations like this, many people are using incomplete or even fake information. However, we advise you to avoid this approach. There are many reasons for that. If you provide false info, you may miss a good offer from another person/organization interested in your domain name. In addition, in case the registrar finds out that the information is false or incomplete you can lose your domain name.

The only legal option that you have is to go for WHOIS privacy. For a small fee, you can activate a service that will protect your private info.